Sunday, July 04, 2010

A view on the Kagan nomination

here, with very good comments. Especially this:
I admit in my old age I have come to be completely unmoved by the argument that any President but especially this President deserves deference as to his nominees to the high court or any other court. In my own small way, I have a career too, so I am not going to name names, but this President has nominated some utterly unqualified people to the bench, I mean utterly, so deference, eh, I start off not feeling it. Then there is the point that the Democrats showed absolutely no deference to Bush's nominees, so why conservatives should decorously walk while everybody else is running is beyond me. But more importantly is that this strikes me as paying attention to your table manners when your house is on fire.
Screw 'deserves'; do everything possible to keep her sorry ass off the Court.

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British multiple public shooting by recently released convict: No legal gun ownership there!