Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not nearly enough sleep, so just some general

goings-on this morning.

Next time some lefty bitches and yells what amounts to 'Teabaggers with torches and pitchforks!', tell him to kiss your ass; and note that it's his side that's actually done that, therefore if we do it- well, we're more to the point of tar & feathers, actually.

One of the problems with calling people 'racist' when you're full of crap: sooner or later, you'll get called on it. Added: I don't know if his thought is correct, though it's probably a part of it: I think that a lot of liberals got in the habit of yelling "RACIST!" at anybody who disagreed, and it worked for so long at shutting people up that they can't stop. Even when they know damn well it's a lie, and they'll be called on it.

This bullshit has come up before: I say the same thing now, they start stealing peoples retirement funds and there'll be strange fruit on the trees in D.C. And I think some of these clowns are smart enough to realize it. Powerline points out the lawyers will be unhappy if they try, but unhappy lawyers have nothing on pissed-off people who decide to clean house.

About one of those terrorist supporters Obama has in his group, here's part 2 on Rashad Hussain.

Oooh, the Anglo-Saxons are coming! And it's 'unpatriotic' to criticize, etc.
Since then, the Zapatero government has worked assiduously to pin the blame for Spain’s economic difficulties on outside forces. The industry minister said Spain was facing an “imported problem.” The deputy prime minister blamed Spain’s problems on “radical liberalism,” which in euro-speak means the free market. The labor minister blamed “the neo-conservative thinking preached by U.S. President George W Bush, which has resulted in capitalism without ethical limits.” Zapatero himself blamed “the neo-conservative model based on capitalism without borders nor limits nor ethics.”

At the same time, Zapatero said: “Criticizing the economy is unpatriotic.” He accused those who are worried about the economy of “demagoguery” and “exaggeration.” He also advised: “Let’s not turn economic forecasting into a fetish.”

Well, before the current version screwed up what 'liberal' meant, the free market WAS a liberal thing: but to hear these socialist morons throwing this crap out... Taking lessons from Obama, "It's ALL Bush's fault!"

"Yes, I will raise your taxes; but it wasn't my decision, so don't blame me!"

Ref the 'Justice' Department clearing Yoo and Bybee the other day: two pieces on it, here and here. The Department needs a serious housecleaning, and considering the crap he's involved in it needs to start with Holder.

Oh, there's still some folks with balls over in Europe

And last, what I saw last night:
Zorba's has belly dancers on Saturday nights, flamenco on Fridays. And the food's good.


dick said...

Well damn. You had a fine evening.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who leads her own belly dance troop has a bumper sticker on her car. "Piss off the Taliban, Support Belly Dance!"
Rey B