Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I introduce to you todays Sorry Excuse for a Lawman,

New York State Police Superintendent Harry J. Corbitt.
According to the story the woman was rather adament about persuing the order of protection until Paterson's call and the "counseling" of the State Police.

The head of the state police actually claims this a service they often offer people in cases they have nothing to do with. No word on whether he managed to keep a straight face while saying this.

The State Police superintendent, Harry J. Corbitt, said he was told of the episode within 24 hours after it occurred. He confirmed that a state police officer had met with the woman, even though the episode occurred in the jurisdiction of the New York Police Department. He said the visit was made only to tell the woman of her options, including seeking counseling.

“We never pressured her, at least what I was advised; we never pressured her not to press charges,” said Mr. Corbitt, whom the governor appointed. “We just gave her options.”

Well, Mr. Corbitt, you should be fired. And prevented from every again wearing a badge. And every jackass in a position of authority in that agency who's had a hand in this bullshit should be treated the same.

Effing New York.


Anonymous said...

I agree. I've been a NY State Trooper for many years and I'm ashamed by what he did. This is the fourth time in recent years that our leaders have given our proud organization a black eye by trying to cozy up to politicians (Sweeney, Bruno, Spitzer & now Paterson). Corbitt was well liked for what he did for Troopers and Investigators in the field, but now he's disgraced us and he needs to resign or be fired.

Firehand said...

Every time some politician with a badge pulls shit like this, it both smears the honest cops and makes it that much harder for them to get the job done.

It ought to be a standard: "The moment you seriously consider doing a 'favor' for a politician, and said favor would reflect badly on the department if it came out, you need to resign; time to go."