Friday, February 26, 2010

I had a chance to try out a pistol a few days ago,

and if I hadn't already it would have made me understood why Tam & others so like these older firearms: in this case a S&W K-38 Target Masterpiece
The one I fired had much more finish wear; it had been fired a lot over time. Which took nothing away from the accuracy potential and may only have smoothed the action a touch more.

I had some .38 wadcutter loads using Berry's plated double-ended wadcutters, and some using a 162-grain gas-check semi-wadcutter; both shot beautifully. The trigger was a thing of wonder, absolutely clean and with no perceptible movement after the break, and double-action was very smooth. Personally I'd prefer some larger grips, but that's a personal preference not touching on the revolver itself. The way I describe a gun like this is "It even helps ME shoot well." I've still got the last target somewhere; at about ten-twelve yards, six rounds two-handed and six one-handed in a group less than 2" across except for one flyer that opened it up to about 2.5". And for me to put one-handed shots that tight is not real common; excellent sights and that trigger really help.

Yes, I want. Badly.

Now if they can just get that damned 15-22 to work nearly as well....


Anonymous said...

All my adult life, I've wanted one of those in .22 cal. Doesn't look like it'll happen. Oh, well.

Gerry N.

Roger said...

I've had a model 14 for about 30 years. I bought it new from an old gunshop that had it on the back shelf. The box looked as if it had been on that shelf for 20 years. It's had the usual S&W work, smooth & polish the internal workins, Wolff springs, muzzle crowned, so it shoots nicely. It's a handsome revolver that doesn't get shot much. I've put every type of .38 spl round through it that one could imagine, except +P. They all go bang and they all seem to wind up right about where I wanted them to go.
IM(NV)HO, it is one of the best revolvers that S&W ever made. (Joining the M 686, 640, 10,19 & 29on that list.) With all that, I still don't shoot it that much. Don't know why though.