Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ok, calm semi-restored, so:

Max Blumenthal is still a nasty little boil on the national anus.

The appropriately named Rep. Anthony Weiner(Two-Faced Dick-NY) sets the tone.

Yeah, Californicated really is screwed.

So it's not just computers being lost and/or stolen:
...Meanwhile, the lost, stolen and damaged report for ICE shows 13 vehicles classified as "lost" or "not found during physical inventory."
The ICE inventory shows a loss of approximately 435 computers. Numerous vehicles were sold in which no documentation of the sale could be located. Three computer switchers worth $92,354 each were lost. An "international harvester vehicle truck" valued at $116,349 apparently could not be located during physical inventory.

Neither inventory includes any mention of any kind of munition, armaments, or ammunitions. A recent report by the Department of Homeland Security's Office of the Inspector General showed that DHS and all component agencies lost 289 firearms from fiscal years 2006 to 2008

A woman who made a false rape charge goes to jail for it; good. Needs to happen every time there's a provably false accusation. Rape is a horrible crime and needs to be punished appropriately; falsely accusing someone of it is also a horrible crime, and needs to be punished appropriately. And note this:
Gonzalez, 27, had recanted her story last year after new DNA evidence proved she'd been lying and a priest to whom she'd confessed urged her to come clean.
followed by
He insisted that Gonzalez suffered horrible abandonment and sexual abuse as a young teen, and has now had "a spiritual awakening."

"She is not the same person as the one who committed this crime at age 22," Callan said.

The lawyer said that at their first meeting, she'd told him, "I don't care what happens to me. You have to get Mr. McCaffrey out of jail."

I wonder, did this awakening happen after she heard about the DNA test results?

I repeat what I said before: if the House and Senate pass this abortion of a 'health care' bill, lots and lots of them need, at the least, an introduction to tar & feathers, and some of them to a rope.

A bit more on the Governor of New York and the mess the New York State Police took part in to cover up what an aide did. It's disgusting to say, but we've come to expect this kind of crap from politicians(which doesn't mean we shouldn't deal with them appropriately), but even more disgusting is the lack of surprise at a law enforcement agency acting like the friggin' Praetorian Guard for said politicians instead of like actual LE officers.

George Lopez, you suck. On multiple levels.

Blargh. Time to go do something constructive.


Mattexian said...

Before it came out last week that Stack was such a commie whackjob, I considered that someone feeling frustrated enough to fly a plane into IRS offices, wouldn't make much of an impact (no pun intended), but rather, tar and feathers might be a more appropriate means for dissuading agents of the Crown, er, FedGov from their current fields of employment.

Firehand said...

Y'know, if you tried to jail everybody who's every thought about bombing/flying into/whatever the IRS, there's not enough combined jail space in the whole country to hold everybody.