Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I mentioned a couple of years ago picking up a Dillon Square Deal B

press; still got it, and it's still working well. I just wish the conversions for different cartridges didn't cost so much.

Anyway, the powder measure on it has the same problem with some powders(like Bullseye and Unique) my Hornady measure does; that stuff doesn't flow through very well, which sometimes causes light charges. Yes, they're good for failure drills; they're also a pain in the ass. With .45acp, I'd originally been using Hodgedon Clays, same problem, so tried AA#5; feeds much more smoothly. With 9mm(unfortunately) Bullseye was one of the most recommended powders, until I got the newer Lyman #49 manual, which also showed Titegroup.* Titegroup is a ball powder, and having tried it in another cartridge I'd found it metered very nicely, so now I've got a box of 9mm loaded with it to try out today; if it works out well, I'll load a couple of hundred rounds for future use.

Ah, will the drudgery never end?

*New manual comes out, get it; it'll have new powders and bullets listed.

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