Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Brady Campaign to Ban guns has given Oklahoma an A+

We only got 2 points on their 'Confiscation is the only thing good enough' scoring.
I just love some of the bullshit they rate by:
The state government doesn't ban private sales? "You allow the Gun Show LOOPHOLE!"
You don't make people keep records when ammo is bought? "You don't care about the CHILDREEENNNN!"
Only authorized users are able to operate new handguns, which means "You don't require technology that doesn't exist? "You REALLY DON'T CARE about the CHILDDREEENNNN!"
And on, and on, and on.

Not from Uncle's place:
Bitter puts the rankings in context of grades:

There is no right to own arms in Massachusetts. That is still not good enough for the Paul Helmke. What is good enough? Confiscation?

Why yes, that IS the only thing that would actually make them happy. Especially when you consider the kind of politician the Brady bunch gives an A+ to.

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