Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh, for God's sake, is there ANYTHING this narcissist

and his minions don't want to mark?

And yeah, I noticed the crescent and star, too


Sigivald said...

Meh. Looking at the original disaster of a logo, it's just a refined version.

The "Star" is the explosion of the incoming warhead, and was there in the original.

The "Crescent" is just the segment of space in a sphere that includes a smaller sphere for the earth. The original had a less crescent-y segment of space, but was also square.

I don't see a problem, and I don't see any "Islamist" imagery, just a reworking of a tired old logo.

I prefer to save energy for complaining about real issues. This? This is nothing.

Firehand said...

More than likely; problem is, considering this administration, it's possible.