Sunday, February 21, 2010

Somebody on Facebook had a link to some group called Americablog

or something(no, no link) basically saying "The tea party teabagger scum are calling the guy who attacked the IRS building a hero!"

Number one, bullshit; various people some flat nuts, are saying that. Number two, they make it pretty plain they don't give a damn about changing minds, they just want to slander people(what is is this fixation these clowns have with other peoples' testicles? 'Teabaggers' etc. every time they write). Number three, how much you want to bet that a lot of said clowns still defend Obama's domestic terrorist friends?

Hell with all of them.

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Chad said...

It's not tea bag folks calling him a hero, it's his daughter, who lives in Norway, and is also a proper leftie.