Thursday, February 25, 2010

I have to admit to being very pleasantly surprised: a bunch of Stupid Party members

actually stood up to The One and both pissed him off enormously and refuted a lot of the arguments pushing the socialized medicine bill. I'd expected this to be another of the "We must be bipartisan when dealing the the President no matter what he says" displays of caving in; and I'm very happy to say I'm surprised.

Ace noted some of the stacking-the-deck rules Obama came up with to try to control this:
1. Democrats get more time because "I'm the President."

2. Republicans may not criticise my bill. They can only talk about things on which we agree.

3. Republicans may not use the word "Washington" because it tips the scales.

4. Republicans may not use or reference an actual copy of the Senate bill. That's a "prop" and it's unfair.

And add to that 5. We're not in "campaign mode anymore," by which he means McCain cannot mention his dirty dealings.
They didn't let that keep them from making points, and the stuff I've heard has been pretty good. Even better was Obama sitting there looking VERY pissed that "I actually have to listen to these people! I have to let the peasants here them! And I don't like it."

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