Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Couple of quick range notes

Midway put these mag loaders on sale, and they're still on through the 28th; I'd suggest getting one. I've tried it now on 1911, Browning Hi-Power, Makarov, Star BM and Colt model M mags(.380) and it's worked well on all. I have a lot less dings on my thumb from mag lips now. And it makes loading a 13 or 15-round magazine a lot easier on those last few.

The 9mm loads with Titegroup worked well.

And if I can do decent draw & fire drills with some fingers on my left hand half-numb, then I'm doing better than I'd thought

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Jennifer said...

The UpLula is fantastic! I love it. They should really pay my some kind of finders fee for all the customers I send them. I loan it to strangers at the range. Arthritic WWII vets tend to be bigger fans than even the women. Can't say enough good things about this. I just call mine Lula. She travels with me always.