Friday, January 16, 2009

Stew: it was lunch

For the last few days, for that matter; made a big pot for the purpose. Nice thing, besides making a bunch of meals, is it's so easy. No recipe, just start with some basics and throw stuff in.

Lady at work yesterday said it smelled really good, and could he have the recipe?, and looked kind of blank when I said "Recipe? Beef, onion, " and so on. Kind of surprised her.

I bought a rump roast a while back, cut about 2/3 up for steaks, froze the rest. That, with the fat trimmed, was cut up into suitable pieces. Put a little water in the big pot, chopped up three celery stalks and a few carrots and threw those in the pot. Flour the meat, then just browned it, no more, threw it in. Chopped up one onion, mince four big garlic cloves, tossed in. There was half a bell pepper, chop up and add. One bag frozen corn. Stir it all up, add most of a bottle of dad's home brew(had to taste the rest, make sure it was good. Burp), stir up. Add enough water to cover, then while it started heating sliced up an 8oz. pack of mushrooms and added them. Then put the heat on very low and just let it sit for a couple of hours or so, stirring it occasionally. That's it. As it simmers you can taste it occasionally, add in any spices you like.

The store had some long whole-wheat hoagie rolls the other day and I got a bag. That, split and toasted with garlic butter, goes real well with the stew.

That pot will take care of lunch at work for the week, maybe a dinner or two(with the bread, it lasts longer). Beats hell out of buying a sandwich out of a machine.


jed said...

Rosemary. Gotta have rosemary.

Also, I'd use "Better than Buillion" chicken stock instead of plain water.

Anonymous said...

The other nice thing about it (At least from a broke students point of view) is that you can put it over rice if money runs short and make it last twice as long. I've also learned that using too much corn starch to thicken it up turns it into a loaf of stew. :)

Firehand said...

Loaf of stew, yeesh... That's one reason I flour the meat before browning, usually provides enough to thicken it. If not, dissolve some flour in water, add a bit in, let it simmer a few and test.

Over rice, that's true, been a while since did that.

Rosemary, didn't think of it. I've even got some, use it in making the spiced olive oil. Next time.

jed said...

The only time I don't use rosemary with beef is if I'm grilling or frying a steak. Even then, it'd be good. For your stew, I'd add minced fresh rosemary to the flour, along with black pepper and chardonay-smoked sea salt. But then, I'd also saute the onions and garlic, then brown the meat in the leavings from that.

Dang, I just had breakfast, and this is already making me hungry. :)

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