Thursday, January 15, 2009

You could not pay me enough to subject myself to the 'protection'

of the New Orleans Police Department.

Along with the shifting storyline and other stuff that makes you go "What?!?", is this garbage from the brass:
Assistant Police Superintendent Marlon Defillo said that on Saturday evening, as crime lab investigators began to "process" the car, they found an assault shotgun in the trunk along with a "high velocity" magazine clip for the 9 mm handgun and shotgun shells.

For God's sake, a 'high velocity magazine clip'? And, of course an 'assault shotgun'?

Read the whole damn thing, and despair for the honest people in NO. And the (apparently)few honest cops trying to do an honest job. Especially with a jackass like Riley as Superintendant:
Orleans Parish Coroner Frank Minyard said Grimes was struck by 14 bullets, with two hitting him in the front torso. The other 12 wounds were in his lower back and legs, Minyard said Friday.

At a news conference Saturday, Riley disputed that characterization, saying Grimes was hit in the front, on the side under the arm and "near the back." Although he said "numerous" rounds were fired, Riley said he could not give an exact number

This, if I remember right, is the Riley who had to basically be told by a court "Let people have their property back or you go to jail" to start allowing people to retrieve their guns. Jindal has his hands free if he really wants to try to clean that cesspool up.


ted said...

So, basically, the NOPD just goes Wesley Crusher whenever they are asked hard questions?

Nail 'em to the wall.

Firehand said...

They're also the people who for years had officers telling people with carry permits that if they didn't have a receipt for the sidearm, it could be confiscated. So they'd take the gun and tell the owner to bring the receipt to the station.

Where the guy at the desk would inform the owner that "We don't do that, I don't know nothing about it."

Wonderful professionals.