Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So we're supposed to believe that Rangel(Slimy Cheat-NY)

didn't know what 'income' was.
When the story first broke, Rangel claimed he didn't know what "income" meant and that his wife, Alma, handled the family's investments and tax returns. Yesterday, he cast the blame even wider: It was the resort management's "failure to provide timely and regular statements," he said, and "the cultural and language barrier" of the Dominican Republic, where his luxury condo is located.

But more interesting is the degree to which Rangel relied upon superlawyer Lanny Davis over the last week to explain the basics of the tax system the chairman oversees
Etc. "I just didn't understand that people paying me money counted as 'income'(he clearly marked the rent received from the property as "income" on his congressional financial disclosure forms)so don't blame me! Hey, I needed a lawyer to explain it to me!"

Absolute effing bullcrap. From a clapped-out bull. We're supposed to believe this? We're supposed to believe there was never an accountant looking at all this crap he was declaring on his disclosure forms? That he 'just didn't understand'?

If you or I tried this, we'd either have already been in front of a judge entering a plea, or the IRS would have seized everything we own and started prep to auction it off. But from the head of the committee that writes tax law, we're supposed to believe this, and think "Aw, he shouldn't be held responsible"?

And Speaker Pelosi(Slimier dirtbag-CA) wants to bury it all and excuse him. Part of her 'most ethical' lies.


kahr40 said...

Different rules for different folk. If the Republicans were corrupt the Dems are gonna make em look like choirgirls.

DJ said...

Geithner and Rangle can owe big taxes on income, just denying that IRS rules apply to them and be the greatest experts on banking and the fedural treasury. It's ok, honest mistakes.

But a couple of months ago a simple plumber was found to owe back taxes {known and deferred} and it was headline news, meant he was incompetent and no questions he asked any Democrat should be respected.