Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to the vile, Jew-hating scumbags

who seem to be able to take over streets in Toronto, insult and threaten murder without the 'Human Rights Commission' doing anything about it.
When the cops told us it was too dangerous for us to stay, I grabbed the flag from the barricade, not wanting to leave it to the tender mercies of the city's furious cab drivers, terrorist supporters and welfare cheats (the Kadar family was there) assembled only a few feet away.

It is now draped rather awkwardly on a shelf above my computer.

As we left, a gang of very young masked dudes with foreign accents screamed at us second- and third- generation Canadian taxpayers, "Go home! Go home!"

One of them was holding up a Hezbolah flag and the other, a Canadian flag.

This is Toronto, 2009.

That Jewish child who is "gonna fuckin' die"? He was standing right beside me

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OrangeNeckInNY said...

They did the same thing over in San Francisco where they were chanting "Kill All Jews" in Urdu(?) and no one said a thing. The zombies are amongst us...