Monday, January 12, 2009

Left-Speak, a useful list

brought to my attention by the Boomershoot guy. For example:
Arsenal: (reader submitted) Plural of "Firearm". An arsenal is found in a "Compound".

Assault Weapon: Firearm

Compound: The home of a firearm owner.

First Amendment: (see "Unity") Leftists acknowledge the speech clause in the "First Amendment" as critically important, but only for themselves. The religion clause grants "Progressives" the power to ban religious practices or religious symbols they find offensive (though they don't find radicalized Islam even slightly offensive). The "First Amendment" is highly flexible. For instance it does not protect "Divisiveness" in any way whatever, since "Divisiveness" is an obstacle to "Unity" and "Fairness".

Peace: The lack of meaningful opposition to socialist, Marxist, Fascist, communist or jihadist military expansionism. Example: "It's time to stand up and fight for 'Peace'". Also see "Unity".

Sniper: A person with a firearm or access to a firearm. (This term, as all others used by the Left, is entirely flexible and is used primarily to denigrate or impugn anyone who owns a gun or has a working knowledge of guns.)

Sniper Rifle: Rifle (though this can also mean any firearm).

With many others. For instance, see 'social justice' and 'victim'


Mattexian said...

I think "sniper" should read as "a person with a firearm who uses the sights to aim, as opposed to the 'gangbanger style' of just pointing the gun around the target."

Windy Wilson said...

Compound: The home of a firearm owner.

But I've heard the Ted Kennedy estate referred to as a "compound" and they don't --- Oh, wait.