Sunday, January 11, 2009

There are people who you can't decide about:

better dead or locked up forever?
"She was trying to watch something on television," Assistant District Attorney Amanda Calogero said. "She put the two older kids in a room, and she put the baby in the dryer" and turned it on.

During the three minutes Andre was in the dryer, he suffered skull fractures and extensive burns, Calogero said. The baby died at the scene, she said.

Smith initially told detectives that a pot of boiling water fell on the infant, Calogero said. She changed her story to say she hid Andre in the dryer as they played a game of hide-and-seek and that her son must have turned the dryer on.
Smith told detectives she removed clothing from the dryer, put the child in it and started the machine. Smith later removed the unresponsive baby, put the clothing back in the dryer and called her boyfriend and the baby's mother before calling authorities, according to the affidavit. Paramedics found the baby on Smith's living room floor with burns on his face, head, arms, legs and feet
The problem is, I'm just not sure what the proper punishment would be. Aside from putting her in an industrial dryer, turning it on 'high' and locking the door.


Kevin said...

Industrial shredder.

Feet first.

I'm just sayin' . . .

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kahr40 said...

Industrial dryer after she's bound hand and foot to keep her from bracing herself. She gets exactly how many minutes the baby got. If she lives she lives if she doesn't loss.