Saturday, January 17, 2009

British 'peace officers' being chased by

peace activists. Not exactly an encouraging spectacle. And, as someone put it, that harmonic tremor from the UK is a bunch of warriors spinning in their graves fast enough to run a generator.

They've pulled the fangs from and neutered their sheepdogs, LE and plain citizen, and this is what they get.

I makes me long for Raj Whitehall saying "Sergeant, prepare for volley fire by platoon, if you please."


Thud said...

there are police blogs in which some of the officers are shall we say..less than happy...the average brit is aching to even the score of the last 10 years and only a major effort by our defeatist govt and media elite is keeping the lid on...we Brits love to fight...anybody...each other if nobody is is at hand.

Windy Wilson said...

If there isn't someone over there banging on the drum for ol' Drake to come back, we'd better send them drums. Or Drakes.