Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Something about the Battle of the Bulge I did not know

Little known are the missions flown by the glider pilots of WWII who brought in supplies to the 101st and the others defending Bastogne. These were one-way missions. The glider pilots knew that once they landed, they were there for the duration with the 101st for better or worse.

The Ninth Troop Carrier Command put out a call for about 40 volunteers to fly those glider resupply missions into Bastogne. Well over 100 volunteered. Several were killed in the missions, but the resupply effort succeeded bringing in badly-needed medical supplies, doctors, nurses, food, and ammo.
Found in the comments here, and found a bit here. Damn.

Now? We've got people in uniform prosecuting our commandos because a bad guy got a fat lip.

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