Saturday, December 26, 2009

Have you noticed how many of the 'Vets Against The War'

people not only weren't in combat positions(the ones who actually were in the military), but seem to think that the best way to do something is to crap on the troops they're supposedly concerned for?

An awful lot of their "It's TERRIBLE!" stuff is based on the troops being
Aggressive toward each other
And otherwise- well, following the lefty attitude that "They're people who were too stupid to get a real job."

Great way to show your 'concern', isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Ahhh. You've been reading "This Ain't Hell", haven't you?

B Woodman

word verify: unair. What politicians (don't) breath.

Phelps said...

Actually, not only have they not been in combat positions, a significant percentage of the "vets" have never even been in the service. They are liars, pure and simple. It's been the left's MO since Vietnam (excellently detailed from that war in Stolen Valor.)

Soldiers do not have a higher percentage of homelessness when they get out than the general population; they have a lower percentage (which makes sense, because they learn salable skills, discipline, and have a VAST network to draw on.) The reason you see that statistic is because the sort of assholes that would lie about being vets are also the sorts of bums that live on the street, strung out on drugs and begging for money. They just ask the bums, "are you vets?" and the bums say "of course! Gimme a dollar." No one conducting one of these studies even knows what a DD 214 is, much less ask for one.

Anonymous said...

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