Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm going to start off this morning with Sen. Dianne Feinstein(Hypocrite Democrat-CA, but you knew that)

and her 'strong desire to develop renewable energy':
Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation in Congress on Monday to protect a million acres of the Mojave Desert in California by scuttling some 13 big solar plants and wind farms planned for the region.

But before the bill to create two new Mojave national monuments has even had its first hearing, the California Democrat has largely achieved her aim. Regardless of the legislation’s fate, her opposition means that few if any power plants are likely to be built in the monument area, a complication in California’s effort to achieve its aggressive goals for renewable energy
So Californicated has ordered obtaining a third of their electricity from renewable sources by 2020 while Feinstein & Co. are busy making sure it can't happen. However could it be that CA is broke and going broker, I wonder?
Union officials, power industry executives, regulators and some environmentalists have also expressed concern about the impact of the monument legislation, but few would speak publicly for fear of antagonizing one of California’s most powerful politicians.
Which is a perfect demonstration of why it would probably be a blessing upon this nation for a meteor to hit DC when Congress is in session: clear out all the bastards(yes, we'd lose some good ones) and start over.

The DC cop who waved his sidearm around at the snowball fight is basically off duty while the investigation goes on. Either so stressed he wasn't thinking or a dumbass would be my first thought, as how the hell could he make it to detective without knowing that that was one of the worst possible actions to take in that situation?

Sen. Nelson(Chickenshit-NB) is taking lots of heat(not nearly enough literal) for his betrayal. He's whining that "I got big bribes for the state!" as an excuse(no, he doesn't have the balls to say plainly that that's what it is) and the Democrat party is defending him. This line stands out to me:
Nelson obtained increased federal funds to cover his state's cost of covering an expanded Medicaid population at what one Democratic official estimated at $45 million over a decade.
Which translates to "The Senate will rob other states in order to give money to Nebraska, and that's what bought me." And which also has so many people so damned pissed. That and Sen. Reid(Miserable Bastard-NV) openly admitting the other day that "That's how the Senate works, we bribe each other with other peoples' money." And basically saying that if your senator isn't trying to loot the rest of the country, he's a chump.

Speaking of bullshit coming out of Congress,
Several times during the cloture debate on Sunday, Democrats hailed a provision requiring insurance plans that cover dependents to provide benefits to children up to age 26. Democrat Sens. Ben Cardin and Tom Harkin both championed the unfunded mandate in their floor statements.
Got that? Your kids are still 'children' and you(by the time the bastards are done) will be required to cover them on your insurance up to 26.

Oh, Obama's done it now: his heroes the Castro brothers are pissed at him. They say he's 'arrogant and a liar'; as if we didn't already know that...

While we're trying to figure out how to deal with the dirtbags in Congress, let us not forget those who've gone before, who've been on the sharp end to protect this country and the cause of freedom:
...I asked him once, "How did you do it? How on Earth did paratroopers fight tanks, and hold out?"

"Oh, well, we just did what we had to do to stay alive."

"I always heard they put you guys in there without any winter gear?"

"All we had was bedsheets, white bedsheets, over our uniforms."

"Oh man. How did you do it? How did you deal with the cold?"

"Oh my Lord, that was the coldest I have ever been in my entire life. I will never forget that cold, as long as I live. On Christmas day, they served turkey stew. We were on the front lines, we'd have to go back one at a time. They'd fill our canteen cups with turkey stew, and by the time we'd get back to our positions, the turkey stew would be frozen solid."

And currently, people with a site watching 'the American Imperium' have discovered that President HopeyChangeypants isn't the savior they thought they were voting for; we TOLD you dumbasses, but you were all dazzled by his 'speaking skills' and such. Idiots.

Oh, and speaking of Obama, take a look at this, pointed out in Sondra's comments; from Melissa:
Text of 2c:
Here’s the text of 2(c), which this EO now has applying to INTERPOL:

(c) Property and assets of international organizations, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall be immune from search, unless such immunity be expressly waived, and from confiscation. The archives of international organizations shall be inviolable.

An INTERPOL branch in the US now cannot be searched, it’s files are not subject to legal subpoena nor discovery. If any branch of government wants to keep documents out of the hands of the court system, just hand them over to INTERPOL until the smoke clears
Now isn't THAT a comforting thought.

And finishing off with a very interesting possibility,
In its preliminary report this week, the UN’s relocation committees reported to the Secretariat that they are recommending Singapore as the proposed new venue, with a target for completion of the new headquarters of August 2015.
Well, hot damn! Yes, MOVE out of our country, you organization largely composed of tyrants and parasites!! Mind you, they'd probably want to keep the building and property there in NY(got to have other office space, y'know), but that can be dealt with. And if we get rid of enough of the chickenshits in Congress next year, we can make a good start at cutting our funding of said parasites.

Stuff to do, see you later.


GuardDuck said...

"The Senate will rob other states in order to give money to Nebraska, and that's what bought me."

Reading the online local lefty rag today, I had to laugh (instead of crying) at the many comments by entitlement aficionados who were asking why our state's Dems didn't ask for something too.

Like whoa, dude. I didn't know our senators coulda asked for a bribe for their vote. Where's our government cheese man?

Because hippie, for some reason your dreadlock encased cranium voted in the guys who want the same insipid things you do, and he votes 'aye' for them - the same as you would if you knew what 'aye' meant. Now your morally equivalent cause-o-meter wants cash to do what you were going to do anyway??? I bet your new age parents gave you a cookie for flushing after your crap as well.

BobG said...

"Oh, Obama's done it now: his heroes the Castro brothers are pissed at him. They say he's 'arrogant and a liar'; as if we didn't already know that..."

Maybe he forgot to bow to them.