Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ah yes, the Congress that really cares about the troops

Now that the Defense Finance and Accounting Services have paid out to 1700 service members who were stop/lossed the $500/month they were owed, the Army and Air Force tell us that the rules were changed by Congress so that many soldiers and airmen are no longer eligible for the payments. From the Stars & Stripes;

The bill makes clear that troops who re-enlisted or extended their contract and collected a bonus while being held under stop-loss do not qualify for the compensation.

The temporary halt will last until the Army gets a list of soldiers who received a re-enlistment or retention bonus while being stop-lossed, said Army spokeswoman Jill Mueller.

“The services didn’t decide this,” Mueller said on Wednesday. “This was decided by the legislature and we are executing their will.”

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