Thursday, December 24, 2009

The official amount thus far for Oklahoma City is 3"

of small, dry flakes that are blowing all over the place. Thus causing all interstates in the OKC area to be closed for now.

Seems like the biggest problem is visibility due to the stuff travelling horizontally; out in the open you can't see worth a damn. Oh boy, they just announced 'a huge 50-car pileup involving at least two patrol cars and an ambulance on I-40', but they didn't say WHERE on I-40. Wonderful.

If you've had to mess around in the stuff, you know that small, dry flakes don't shovel worth a damn, so I've concentrated on sweeping- and a little shoveling- to clear the front and back porch and the walk to the driveway. I'll try to do more later after the wind drops.

And that completes our update on the weather. Although if I run into that clown from Channel 4 who was loudly stating "At least 8 to ten inches of snow in the area, and there will be drifts EIGHT FEET DEEP!" for most of the morning, I may shoot him.

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