Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And the Stupid Party, in the person of Sen. McConnell, does it again

Caves to the Evil Party, that is.

Oh, but he has a deal, he says! And Reid would never go back on a deal, now would he? Or maybe change a rule(remember Coburn a few days ago?) to dump the deal?

But McConnell and the other senators will get to be home for Christmas! Unlike a lot of troops and cops and firemen and other people who'll be working on that day BECAUSE THE JOB CALLS FOR IT.

Screw you, McConnell. And every chickenshit in the Senate with an 'R' after their name but no balls. It's your damned JOB to fight crap like this heath care takeover, All The Damned Way. Except you won't do it.

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