Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This would be really cool to see

And to those who keep going back: if it blows, say goodbye.
A rumbling volcano in the Philippines was on the verge of a major eruption today – but thousands of villagers living on its slopes are refusing to leave their homes.

Already, 40,000 people have fled the no-go zone around Mount Mayon, which oozed crimson lava during eerie scenes captured last night.

But around 3,000 residents, mostly farmers, remain – with some even returning after being evacuated up to three times by authorities
And they need to do something! This snotty mountain is POLLUTING MOTHER GAIA!!
The emission of sulphur dioxide - an indication of magma rising inside the volcano - jumped to 6,000 tons per day from the normal 500, said the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.
Whoooo, Algore must be really pissed!


GuardDuck said...

Mt. St. Helens


I watched the thing blow in 1980, and I've been into the area several times in the last 30 years.

Seeing the enormity of what mother nature can do is humbling. After being humbled, the only thoughts when someone claims that we humans can do the same is: hubris, vanity, arrogance and conceit.

Driving up the mountain there is a border, inside which has been left untouched since the devastation and outside the timber companies have replanted trees. Inside the border nature has been left alone to heal and the land is still a desolate wasteland. Outside the border are vibrant, mature forests almost ready to cut.

Having grown up in forest land, that just confirms what I knew, and refutes the gaia gang: trees are big plants and can be harvested and regrown - it's what they do and it's natural.

WV: lionflu - the swine flu's big cousin

BobG said...

"This snotty mountain is POLLUTING MOTHER GAIA!!"

More like this is Gaia's way of saying "Fuck You!" while taking a shit on some not-too-bright humans.

dick said...

I watched St. Helens blow from a Huey. It was well beyond surreal.

If it blows in their direction, they'll never find the remains.

Anonymous said...

In every scenario there are idiots. Let 'em go back to their garden plots where mama nature can clear 'em out of the shallow end of the gene pool. Less idiots = less idiocy. Can we get a volcano to blow in D.C.? Lotsa ijits there, too.

If it blows in their direction, there will be no remains. Unless vapor counts.

Gerry N.

Firehand said...

I've read a lot about St. Helens; one hell of a blast.

Gerry, I'm holding out for a small meteor; less collateral damage and less chance of the guilty getting out of the way.

Bob, don't think it's quite that, unless Ma Nature has decided to swat some gnats; we're just not on a scale to be more than that.
But I COULD be wrong...