Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Well, we'll see how this works

I have a problem with the 1911 as a carry pistol: the thumb safety.

This isn't because it's a bad design; it's because the bloody arthritis causes my thumb to sometimes have problems working it.  Particularly on a draw stroke.  So did a little digging, and finally decided to order one of these

for my pistol.  It's a safety with the lever your thumb works located much lower than the standard.  I dug around for reviews, and overall they were good*. 

Hopefully, this'll be a good, durable part and will take care of the problem.

*There'll always be some bad ones, on anything, and there were only a few bad ones on the construction/mechanical side.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever fitted a thumb safety on a 1911?
If not read up on it before you get out the files/stones.

Firehand said...

I have; it's not often a drop-in fit

Low Country Contest Club said...

Leave the safety OFF. You don't need it. JMB was forced to add the manual safety to meet Army requirements. The grip safety is all you need, as JMB designed it.

I have carried my Series 70 Colt Combat Commander .45 every day for 42 years, cocked, round in chamber, safety off. Ok, sample of one.