Wednesday, September 27, 2017

To every Democrat who shoved Obamacare down our throats:

I hope you die in a crotch fire.  I'll supply the matches.

To every useless, backstabbing clown in the Stupid Party who just demonstrated- again- what lying bastards they are: you get a crotch fire too.  And I hope it hurts every second.

Yes, I just found out what my insurance is going up by for next year.  Assuming I can work out keeping it.  One of those "We just couldn't get it done" assholes shows up in front of me, they're getting a close-up look at the gutter.

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mark leigh said...

In the political rush to divide the spoils they are saddling anyone who can pay anything with the highest possible burden while enriching themselves. All the while ignoring the real problem, government regulation at all levels has driven the cost of medical care to insane levels. The supply of medical professional is deliberately limited, Drugs are controlled by a cabal composed of the FDA and big pharma,and innovation is strangled by a regulatory burden that is unsustainable. If you want affordable health care disband the FDA, the DEA, remove any power to set standards from the AMA and turn the free market loose.