Saturday, September 30, 2017

Short version: "We don't want people to see cops acting badly

unless we can control it. Preferably by not letting them see it."
Well, tough crap on that. 

I get it: being a cop can be an interesting balancing act.  That doesn't mean that one who acts badly shouldn't be called on it, and that can involve the public knowing just what happened.  Having a union rep bitching about the latter does not help matters.

Speaking of, working to hide video of just what happened does not help.  At best it makes people suspicious of what you say and what happened; at worst delaying release confirms suspicions and makes people wonder what else you're hiding?

It'd be nice if there were some way of the public seeing when a good department punishes cops gone bad, or gets rid of them, instead of only seeing when one of the bad ones does something and gets caught.  It'd probably help a lot.

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