Thursday, September 28, 2017

'Government' is a name for what control-freaks get to do to us

For Roundtree, who had operated Triple J BBQ in Green Cove Springs at city-sponsored events in the past, it was an opportunity to provide a much-needed service to residents and those who were hard at work to get the town back up and running. In fact, he was offering utility workers free lunches for all their hard work. And with nearly all of the town’s restaurants closed down due to the storm, he was needed more than ever.

But instead of serving lunch, the police ordered Roundtree to shut down Triple J and leave town. His crime? Operating without a permit.
Reminds me of the town that was handing out "Your fence must be repaired immediately" citations to people whose homes were damaged or destroyed.  Same kind of 'The Rules Must Be Followed' idiocy.

Here's a strange one I'd not heard of before: Dyatlov Pass.

Building a castle, the original way

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