Saturday, January 21, 2017

True, watching some of these idiots scream and melt down because 'TRUMP!'

is entertaining, but the rest?  Yeah, looting and vandalizing and attacking people and blocking streets and setting fires, yeah, THAT'LL show everyone how right you are!
I will throw in that when your default toward anyone who either voted for him or refused to vote for Clinton is to call them names and insult them, you're damned unlikely to change their minds.  Far more likely to make them think "Screw you, at this point I'll vote for whoever gives you the worst case of hemorrhoids, because I'm sick of this shit." 

But do go ahead and insult, belittle and threaten them at every opportunity.  That'll pay off.

I'm writing this after reading a thread on Fecesbook by someone I know and like, who's pretty well lost her shit over Trump.  And a bunch of people commenting with things like "I wonder where the other Trump trailer trash will be staying in DC?"  Because nothing argues people into a new line of thought like calling them that.

Know why Trump is now sitting in the Oval Office?  Here's some reasons.
The Stupid Party can't stand anyone who actually wants to follow the Constitution, and they actively hate Cruz because he won't take orders well.  So they tried to shove another Bush down our throats. 

NOBODY aside from some supporters and the top rank of the SP wanted Bush.  And when that was made plain, they basically decided they'd rather see Clinton win than Cruz or someone like him. 

That results in Trump winning the nomination.   After which said upper ranks demonstrated just what assholes they are.

In the meantime, the Evil Party had pre-picked a corrupt, lies-by-reflex politician who thinks the law is something to use on other people, because 'her turn'(and reflect on what a corrosive mindset that is).*

They then proceeded to screw over the one Evil Party candidate that threatened her.  And when the leaks came out and proved just how bad it'd been, the response was "Shut up and take your orders, drones."  Which went over real well.

Comes the campaign.  Lots of people, whether the left wants to believe it or not, were flatly not willing to vote for Clinton.  The corruption was practically paraded in front of us, day after day.  The lies, over and over.  And the contempt.  I wonder if they'll ever truly realize just how much damage it did when Clinton made her 'deplorables' statement, and said everyone she included in that was irredeemable?

So, a huge and disgusting number of elegible voters didn't.  A lot of the left screamed and yelled and insulted, but couldn't be bothered to go to the polls.  And a lot of people who DO vote basically said "Trump's an asshat, but he's not Hillary, and there's no way in hell I can vote for her."

So we have Trump.

And we have a lot of the left acting like violent, spoiled brats.  And some of them demonstrating they'd really enjoy being commissars who get to shoot people who don't properly carry out the current five-year plan.

I give you also the way a lot of them reacted to some of Trump's nominees.  In particular let's talk about Mattis.  A very well-educated(in the true sense) man of wide experience, proven leadership ability, who actually has troops who've followed him into battle who'd just about kiss his ass at high noon on Main Street specifically because "We can TRUST him."  Who better for Sec. of Defense?  But the left practically crapped their pants on live tv.  Largely because he's far more interested winning, and keeping troops alive while doing so, than in being a Modern Progressive Leader.

Having a problem with a nominee?  Fine.  Treating every one of them like the New Junior Prince of Darkness?  Bullshit.  Look at Sessions being treated as if he were Robert Byrd with a 'R' instead of a 'D' after his name.  Stupid.  Very.

Let's not forget a bunch of Democrat operatives with bylines who hide behind the job title 'journalist'.  Demonstrating over and over that they have that word because they're damned sorry excuses for reporters, and care nothing anymore about even pretending to be non-biased, or reporting fairly.

It's going to a a long, noisy while.

*I mentioned this before: of the other two parties, the Libertarians nominated two guys who said some good things, and then opened their mouths and spouted some of the dumbest, and most non-libertarian crap...  The Greens?  I swear some of them want Stalin to come back to life and do the Soviet Union 'right' this time.

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Arthur said...

"...the Libertarians nominated two guys who said some good things, and then opened their mouths and spouted some of the dumbest, and most non-libertarian crap..."

Nov 2016 offered Libertarians the best chance they've had to actually get elected to high office rather than sitting on the sidelines and heckling. I honestly think it scared the crap out of them and they panicked.

So they went dumpster diving to find two idiots who didn't mind the humiliation and threw them into the ring. They said a lot of stupid things, but luckily the Libertarian Party stopped short of parading Johnson and Weld in G-strings. I'm thankful for that at least.