Monday, January 16, 2017

The DoJ is not only politicized, it's corrupt as hell.

I want to draw attention to a fact I did not dwell on in Wednesday’s column: The FBI is not authorized to seek a national-security surveillance warrant from the FISA court — just as it is not authorized to seek such a warrant from a U.S. district court in an ordinary criminal case. Only the Justice Department is permitted to do that. The FBI could not have sought FISA warrants against Trump without the Obama Justice Department’s approval and assistance.

Interesting contrast, isn’t it?

Throughout the criminal investigations of Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information, the Obama Justice Department would not use the grand jury or help the FBI obtain search or surveillance warrants. As a result, the FBI had no power to compel the production of evidence. Suspects had to be cajoled into cooperating. The only thing the Justice Department was willing to do was grant highly unusual immunity deals, ensuring that suspects could not be prosecuted if they disclosed incriminating evidence.
That's only part of it. 

Well, Californicated, YOU put in office the idiots and thieves running this, so my sympathy for you is, rather muted, let us say.

Press mission: save the bureaucracy

I decided John Lewis was a vile hack when he tried to defend Fast & Furious and Holder's part in it by yelling "Racist!" at anyone demanding an actual investigation.  He hasn't exactly disproved it.

Basically "Yes, I did that, but it's not my fault!"
Schumer really is a bastard, isn't he?


Windy Wilson said...

Every time I hear Schumer's voice on the radio or TV, or someone refers to him by name, I say, "Schumer, rhymes with 'Tumor'."
Childish, but slightly satisfying, since I can't vote against him.

As for the continued Californication of California, I do vote against that every election, so I have that going for me.

Firehand said...

Yeah. Every time some idiot starts yelling "Get rid of the Electoral College!", I imagine being one of the people in that state being ruled by the asshats in LA and SF.