Thursday, January 19, 2017

Two things: first is " 'Botched' or 'lied'?"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Botches Crime Stats in Defending John Lewis
As would be expected, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution rushed to Lewis's defense. In its apparent haste to do so, a pair of journalists at the paper committed a colossal math blunder vastly understating the city's crime rate. With that mistake, the paper made the city look over 13 times safer than it really is.
Probably, considering the paper Denny calls the Atlanta Urinal-Constipation, an error; if not then
B: My comment would be "Of course they did; it's what a lot of them do."

Kellogg Community College needs its nasty leftist ass handed to it for this.
Student members of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Kellogg Community College are suing their school after they were arrested for passing out copies of the U.S. Constitution.
And note this piece of bigoted crap:
He(Drew Hutchinson) also allegedly told them that many students from Calhoun County “are growing up on a farm, or they don’t have Wi-Fi, they don’t have internet, you know it’s a very different situation, they were brought up in a very different manner.”
You've got two choices: Drew Hutchinson is a bigoted fool, or he's a liar.  Which do you think?

Short version: "Oh, my Socialist Deity, a museum trustee who doesn't believe in AGW?  BURN HER!"
If you read this, you'll notice that not being a Globular Warmering/Climate Changering believer means you're 'anti-science'.  Coming from people who don't even want to ALLOW discussion of different views...

Why are Democrat and leftist supporters such violent bastards?
The man arrested by Miami Beach police Tuesday for allegedly threatening President-elect Donald Trump online is a member of a prominent northeast family close to Bill and Hillary Clinton. 

He once gave $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee, has learned.

'Hottest Year On Record!' my ass.
They should have been in the first paragraph, but at least they’re in the third paragraph: “This puts 2016 only nominally ahead of 2015 by just 0.01C—within the 0.1C margin of error—but….” There’s stuff after the “but,” but it’s just somebody’s evaluation. Even this report can’t give us a straight fact and leave it alone.

Hey, terrorist bombers hang together.  And Obama made them very happy with this crap.

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