Friday, January 20, 2017

And this is why a lot of the media is looked on as an opposition party

JOE SCARBOROUGH: There was somebody that held an extraordinarILy important position in American media, in print media, who brought their people together after Hillary Clinton lost and literally said, “we did the best we could do. We tried and we failed. But we did the best we could do.”

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: And there were people crying.

JOE: And there were people crying in this newsroom. I’m not going to say which newsroom it is, and it was a very big newsroom. And said we did the best —

MIKE BARNICLE: You’re down to three papers!

JOE: You’re damn straight I am. And that’s the problem.

MIKA: I think it’s okay if you’re doing your job, but we’re not robots.

JOE: Willie and I, though, were talking about this with three weeks left in the campaign. It was almost like they were playing to history saying, we are the resistance and we want to tell our grandkids that we stood in the way of Donald Trump. Instead of reporting about Donald Trump.
Because a bunch of these asshats are, as Insty says, Democrat operatives with bylines.  And, in large part thanks to Al Gore's interwebs, they can't control the news stream.  And their past and present actions are biting them in the ass.

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