Monday, February 15, 2016

NYPD cop being tried for that negligent discharge

that killed  man?

Guilty.  Both for the shot, and for vapor-locking afterward.

Wonder if this'll get NYPD to up their training?
Stop laughing, it had to be asked.


Old 1811 said...

NYPD has three serious problems:
1. Their hiring pool comes from the NY/NJ area, so none of their recruits know anything about guns, except that they're bad.
2. Their lawyers have made a conscious decision that dead cops are cheaper than ghetto-lottery payouts, so they don't bother to properly train rank-and-file patrolmen. (As an example, their answer to NDs was not to teach proper trigger discipline, but to put 11-pound triggers on Glock 19s.)
3. The department is so big that cops can only qualify once or twice a year, even with a huge range running every day. (It used to be once a year; I don't know if it's changed recently.)
I shot my last LEOSA qual next to a retired NYPD detective and saw NYPD training in action. It wasn't pretty.

Anonymous said...

Well obviously the fix would be adding another 7 or 8 pounds to the trigger pull. Once you get the pull up to 19 pounds or so, then THAT will surely fix the problem!

markm said...

That would do it if their affirmative action plan ensures all cops are petite women who can't possibly pull 19 pounds with only one finger. But it won't work as long as they keep some of those muscle-bound males on the force.