Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This post at Blue Collar Prepping

and the snake incident reminded me of a story:
Sons' first time in Iraq, when spring sprung, there were camel spiders all over the place, as that's hatching season. Small, but EVERYWHERE.

And if one happened to scuttle into your shadow, it wanted to stay there out of the sun. And when you moved, sometimes they'd chase the shade. Which led to a guy with, let us say, a dislike of spiders, seeing one, taking another step, loudly announcing "It's following me!" and shooting it(yep, three-round burst from a M4). After which, as some of the parts were still twitching, he then stated "IT'S STILL ALIVE!", which was followed by "Dude, it's DEAD, that's just twitching, knock it off!"

When son called home a short time later and told me about it, I said he should've told the guy that the ones that kept moving after you shot them were the zombie camel spiders. Daughter heard that: "Oh, yeah, a nervous guy with an automatic weapon sitting up waiting on zombie spiders, whatever could go wrong?"

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Unknown said...

Oh my God...this is the FUNNIEST thing I've read in a week. I'm sending everyone in my immediate shooting family and friends the link to this post!