Tuesday, February 16, 2016


is weird.  And scary.  And messy.
All of these efforts probably went to waste, of course, as vampires in the supernatural sense almost certainly don't exist outside the realm of fiction.
We bloody hope so; I doubt there's a real Earl and Owen & Co. out there.

Speaking of history, staying clean with linen.

Yes, the Southern Poverty Law Center sucks.  And lies.  And has a real appetite for money.

That would be because the climate models suck.  And their designers and adherents can't bear to admit it.

How's it feel to be treated the way the SJWs treat everyone else?

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Phelps said...

Rick from Rick and Morty: Yes Summer, vampires are real. That's something that ALL of humanity knew, until the twentieth century when you decided that you were ALL SO SMART that you suddenly knew everything.

(If you aren't watching Rick and Morty you really should. I get accused by my family of being Rick all the time.)

ObFavoriteQuote: School isn't a place for smart people, Morty.