Thursday, February 18, 2016

Appears The Atlantic can't decide if the AR/M- platform is

an underpowered piece of crap, or a horribly lethal arm that plain old citizens should not be allowed to possess.

Either that, or it's Schrödinger's Rifle*.

*Stolen from Hank on Bookface


Tam said...

Hank had all the win with that comment. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll go with the flag officer on this one. AR's/M16's/M-4's are crap. The "reporter" wouldn't know a "high powered" weapon if he was shot in the ass with one. --Ray

Tam said...

C'mon, Ray, say "poops where it eats". Please?

Anonymous said...

No Tam, I hate the damn things because the jam in the field like that was the design intent, and because they are fragile , alloy and plastic, underpowered, and won't kill a 40Lb coyote at 300 yards.(5.56) ---Ray