Friday, March 11, 2016

Miguel took this Lancet study apart

in fine fashion.  Very short version from the weenies: "All you have to do is pass these laws, and all will be harmony!"
Slight problems: starting with them being full of crap.  Again.  So badly that
When you have somebody from the Bloomberg-paid John Hopkins’s School of Medical Gun Control and Other Ugly Stuff calls the study Full Of Shit (In scientific terms), you know there is something wrong with it.
'Something' wrong?  LOTS of things.  Including
The paper, published in the British medical journal The Lancet and written by researchers at Boston University, Columbia University and the University of Bern in Switzerland, found that one of the three most effective gun policies were laws requiring ballistic imaging or microstamping, which help law enforcement identify guns used in crimes.

Experts noted that the laws, which were on the books in only three states, were not actually being implemented in practice.

That “would be the biggest red flag, obviously, when they’re finding huge effects of a law that doesn’t exist”, Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, said.
No shit.  And Maryland actually got rid of their ballistic-fingerprint database because it didn't work; they'd never solved a crime with it, and wanted to put the money and personnel into their DNA database, which DID work.  Lots of politicians screamed, they could not stand the idea of their dream being shit, but finally gave in.

So, one more BS study 'proving' all we need is a few more restrictions, etc., to solve all the problems.  So they say.  One of the responses:
Other researchers who have published major evaluations of American gun laws said it was implausible that implementing three relatively modest gun restrictions could have such a huge impact on gun deaths.
“We’ve seen much more dramatic interventions in Britain and Australia and places like that, and even they did not get those kinds of results,” said Phil Cook, a public policy expert at Duke University who was one of the authors of a major study on the effectiveness of the nation’s current federal background check law.
'much more dramatic' meaning massive bans, and confiscations, and more licensing restrictions, the whole works.  And that accomplish that.  But for some reason those results will follow here if we pass those laws...

Since these weenies are pushing the ballistic fingerprinting and microstamping crap again, seems a good place to point those who haven't seen it to Kevin's post on Why Ballistic Fingerprinting Doesn't (and Won't) Work; it's a long one, and chock full of facts the weenies don't like.

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Jerry The Geek said...

The Meme Which Will Not Die.

I wrote on this subject in 2008, giving many succinct reasons why "Encoded Ammunition" was not only unworkable, but misleading and evil.

Half of these posts refer to the fact that nobody was paying any attention to the subject at the time. Now, after eight years ... there they are again beating the same dead horse.