Sunday, March 06, 2016

First sounding of the bullshit alert:

On social media, the incident was described by some as a threat by the student against a black female student in a class on gender and race issues.
Actually that's three bullshit alerts.  Let's go over them, shall we?

The most basic: If it was a threat, why didn't any of them call the police?

Second: If someone actually threatened ANY female student, let alone a black one, anyone believe this wouldn't have been screamed about from the first second?  Along with names and pictures and probably video?

Third: Anyone who trusts ANY accusation out of a 'gender and race issues' class is an idiot.

Very short version: "Some Eloi at the university wet their pants at the sight of the most basic of tools, and some others want to use this to make it a racial thing."

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roughcoat said...

When I was attending college in Fairbanks, most of the time I wore a fixed blade belt knife with no effort to conceal it. The only thing that ever happened was a few people wanted to look at it. I talked to cops a number of times on campus while I had a pistol in my car right next to me or holstered (and told them so) and they were completely fine with it.

From what I saw the last time I was there (last year), UAF is going right off the cliff with the rest of these idiotic colleges. SJW pamphlets all over the bulletin boards and they were starting to implement "safe spaces" for women and so on.

You couldn't pay me to go back to college these days.