Saturday, March 12, 2016

Well, it would be a start; then make all the alphabet agencies

give up their "We're cool kids too!" SWAT teams.
Law enforcement agents with the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service are too "Rambo" to Rep. Jason Chaffetz's liking, so he wants to take away their guns and authority.

"These agents are more Rambo and less Andy Griffith than I would like," he told the Deseret News Tuesday.
Sounds good.  They show infection with the "I'm Easy Company dealing with Krauts" attitude, take their sticks away.

Chaffetz said he also wants to issue subpoenas to the "out of control" federal agencies to learn why they want to purchase submachine guns. He said he has had repeated meetings and sent letters to the BLM's national director, Neil Kornze, with no satisfactory response to his questions.

"I want to know what kind of arsenal they have. I'm met with blank stares," he said. "They're wholly unresponsive. They don't feel compelled to answer our letters."
They think they don't have to answer questions, go after their budgets.  This crap needs to stop.

I do understand there are places it's a good idea for someone to have a weapon; lose the attitude and maybe they can have them back.  Sidearms, maybe a rifle; no subguns or M-16 variants.

Our chances of air supremacy in future conflict are going down the drain.  And it's not going to improve anytime soon.

And I'll note that the President's domestic-terrorist friend Ayers was out in Chicago cheering on the violence and suppression of speech the other night; wonder if he's started hinting to the Occutards and Sanders supporters about bombs yet?

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