Thursday, March 10, 2016

This would actually have been a nice range day,

just wear shoes you don't mind getting soaked when you walk to the targets.  But there's some mowing I'll have to do later, and crap I need to do in the house, and I really don't want to do multiple walks back & forth to the target stands yet, so.  Now to get back up and start doing some of that.

But before I get off my assstart doing something constructive,
A leaked confidential police report in Germany warns of spiking refugee crime – including drug and sex offences – and a rise in radicalisation against the state.

The report says 'immigration will lead to more crime and increased police usage' to combat it.

The number of crimes – of violence, sexual, property theft and narcotic offences – will rise, says the paper of the North Rhine-Westphalian department of the interior whose 'Immigration' project involves both individual states and central government.
I think there are elections coming in Germany; I don't think Merkel & Co. are going to enjoy the results.

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