Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Oh yes, FBI, let's just make things worse and worse...

The Department of Justice is investigating five FBI agents involved in the fatal shooting of Oregon militia spokesman Lavoy Finicum for allegedly covering up the details of Finicum’s January death.

One of the FBI agents allegedly lied about firing twice on Finicum, who was shot to death in the course of an attempted arrest related to the militia’s occupation of federal land. Four other agents allegedly helped that agent cover up the lie, reported the Oregonian.

Authorities revealed the investigation Tuesday, as a team of local investigators released new details about the shooting. A member of the Hostage Rescue Team allegedly failed to report the two shots in question, officials said, although neither bullet actually hit Finicum.
Isn't it just bloody wonderful?  Various distrust, suspicions, "It's a justifiable shooting, stop bothering us about it", and now this.  Yeah, that's going to help.
But news of the federal investigation into the FBI agents is sure to inflame some suspicions regarding the authorities’ conduct during the attempted arrest and fatal shooting.
You think maybe?
"So if everything is all good, no questions, justified shooting, why are these Feebs lying about what they did?"  And on from there.  It might BE a justifiable shooting, but this comes out and people will wonder "Why'd they lie?  What are they trying to hide?"

Well done, Very Special Agents.

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