Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Why are science deniers such bigoted fools?

Speaking, of course, of those 'the Science is SETTLED and don't you dare question that!' deniers. 

Climate Depot has a link(I'm not linking directly, it's right up at the top right now if you want to sludge yourself with the whole thing) to a bunch of idiots who announce, in post and comments attacking AGW 'deniers' in general and Cruz in particular,
Climate deniers are also racists.
This kind of analysis:
You have to remember that the denialists are for the most part the direct descendants of the “rebels” of the 1860’s. Religiously fundamental, socially conservative, anti central government, and hugely hypocritical regarding any question of ethics or morality related to their racism or anti-science beliefs.. Just as they justified their enslavement of humans back then, they keep alive their racism and intolerance today and have extended it to denial of science.
And a very interesting
What rules out Cruz for me is he’s a zionist .

Wonderful people, aren't they?

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Pawpaw said...

I was taught in high school science class to question everything, all the time. Take nothing for granted, measure, observe, postulate, test. Re-align your arguments and start over. That's science. Anything else is bullshit.