Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We're supposed to trust ANY federal agency

why, again?
Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas exerted "improper influence" on behalf of three applicants for a federal program that grants residency to foreign investors in U.S. projects, including one with links to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and another to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.
And that's just part of it.

Looks like Appalachian State U needs to be sued for creating a hostile racial environment.
Wonder if they have any idea just how freaking stupid this is long-term?  "These idiots claim to be for equality, but they keep shitting on me for things I have no control over and made-up crap?  Screw all of 'em."

Add to the list of 'Paying idiots to support the enemy' Cornell:
A video sting operation shows Cornell’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido, agreeing to everything suggested by an undercover muckraker posing as a Moroccan student.

Scaffido casually endorses inviting an ISIS “freedom fighter’’ to conduct a “training camp” for students at the upstate Ithaca campus — bizarrely likening the activity to a sports camp.

Scaffido doesn’t even blink an eye when the undercover asks about providing material support for terrorists — “care packages, whether it be food, water, electronics.”
Willing to put aid packages together... that sounds an awful lot like 'providing aid and comfort to the enemy', doesn't it?


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