Monday, March 23, 2015

Of all the thousands of rounds I've handloaded over time,

with American-made primers(CCI, Winchester, Remington, Federal), I've had exactly two dud primers; one Federal large rifle, and one CCI small pistol. 

Out of that one brick of Wolf small pistol, I had at least five misfires out of each hundred; some would go with a second or third strike, some were just flat dead.

And knew someone who bought some Wolf small rifle during the drought; not quite as bad, but almost.

Not all Wolf suck; of those large rifle Berdan primers, not a single problem, and I've known people who used lots of them(mainly large & small pistol) with no problems.  But I'd be really leery of using Wolf for any ammo that might have a critical-use, like hunting or self-defense.

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