Sunday, March 22, 2015

Yeah, the problem isn't that Jones was acting illegally,

against regulations and procedure and so forth, oh no; the problem was he handled it 'sloppily'.

So now these dirtbags want to meet with ATF deputy director Thomas Brandon, who will be taking over for Jones, in the coming weeks to inquire about why the agency dropped the bullet ban and whether he will bring it back.
Brandon is just as bad as Jones, and Holder; he'll want to.  Keep after your congresscritter to deal with this.  "Since you have so much free time and personnel you feel you can work at illegal actions like this, you obviously have too large a budget; let's start with a 20% cut" would be a nice start.  Or that law flatly stating 'BATFE cannot ban ammunition, or any component thereof'.


Pawpaw said...

BATF was a bad idea from the start. It's a law enforcement agency without a real mission, which means idle hands are the devils workshop. Give AT to the Revenue Dept (Treasury) and give FE to the FBI. Done. One agency goes away, less bureaucrats, better focus.

Firehand said...

Objection I've heard to that is that unless you get rid of every dirtbag in ATF in the process, they'll just do the same crap, only under the skirts of a bigger agency with more and better people at hiding crap and making excuses.

Although that just might take some doing.

markm said...

ATF began (under another name) with a real mission - collecting federal "vice" taxes. That was a mission that historically could be important and dangerous - look up the Whiskey Rebellion - but after the income tax was established, the taxes collected by the proto-ATF were neither a major revenue source, nor anything a sane person would shoot a man over, not even a T-man.

Unfortunately, under Prohibition it morphed into a law enforcement agency, and when that stupidity was abolished they hated to morph back into collectors of minor taxes. So when the NFA was established in the guise of a $200 tax on demonized firearms, the AT was happy to add "F" to their name and get back to enforcing a ban on something. And it's only become worse since then...