Tuesday, March 24, 2015

'Higher' Education in full display

And when they screw up, the answer is- of course- to blame someone else.
George Washington University officials made a racist or religious mistake but, instead of promptly correcting it, they have blamed a Jewish student for “bigotry,” banishing him from the campus, threatening him with arrest, keeping him from Passover services, and also threatening to expel him at a hearing next Monday, says John Banzhaf, a senior law professor at the University.

Campus officials, mistaking an ancient Indian symbol representing peace, prosperity, and other virtuous qualities for a Nazi swastika symbolizing racism and hate, blamed the Jewish student who posted it on the bulletin board of his own largely-Jewish fraternity, claiming incorrectly that it was in fact a swastika which expressed "bigotry and hatred," and strongly suggesting that his act might constitute a "hate crime."
So they decided they wanted to pay his way, and trash their reputations in the process... smart, real smart.

"Oh please, President Lightbringer, make another illegal change to the law to put this mess off until after the next election!"

Robert Effing Kennedy Jr. doesn't care if children get sick, suffer, and sometimes die or are crippled by easily-stopped diseases.  Because he's a fucking idiot, and thinks his last name is magical.

Which, to a bunch of weak-minded fools, it apparently is.

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Windy Wilson said...

It's also a Native American symbol from hundreds of years ago in the American Southwest. I have an old book on Indian Sign Language from 1929 that has a red swastika on the back cover. The Boy Scout organization Order of the Arrow used that symbol too, until about 1938.
To quote Will Rogers, "There is nothing more ignorant than an educated man outside the area of his education."
And for University Administrators, that is a very narrow education, indeed.