Saturday, March 28, 2015

Makes you wonder how bad the information was for Hillary

to do this and announce it.
Hillary Clinton wiped “clean” the private server housing emails from her tenure as secretary of state, the chairman of the House committee investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi said Friday.

“While it is not clear precisely when Secretary Clinton decided to permanently delete all emails from her server, it appears she made the decision after October 28, 2014, when the Department of State for the first time asked the Secretary to return her public record to the Department,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, said in a statement.
Illegal as hell, unethical as hell, just what we've come to expect.  Like the statement from her mouthpiece:
Clinton was under a subpoena order from the panel for all documents related to the 2012 attacks on the American compound there. But David Kendall, an attorney for Clinton, said the 900 pages of emails previously provided to the panel cover its request.
Not hardly, and he damn well knows it.  He also knows most of the Democrats in Congress will still obstruct and whine and scream to keep her from facing real consequences.  And most of the media.  She's a slimy, lying crook, but she's a leftist Democrat so they don't want the law to apply to her.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the day she meets her comeuppance.

Dan said...

I'd still subpoena her to hand over the box. There are some very clever people out there who could probably recover a LOT of the data on that HDD.

Firehand said...

Yep. "Well then, Mrs. Clinton, you won't mind turning the server over to us for examination.

What? You object? Do the words 'subpoena' and 'contempt' mean anything to you?"

Windy Wilson said...

"You knew or should have known that this information would become the object of interest. Mrs. Clinton, you're a lawyer, can you say, 'spoliation of evidence'?"

Anonymous said...

If the box gets delivered, it will be a brand new one with brand new hard drives. Theres no way she will give anyone thd chance to prove differently

The funny part is how hard she tried to hang Nixon over 18 minutes of lost tape.

KM said...

If I ever had an branch of the .gov looking at me, I could only hope it is the toothless, inept Congress.
Hitlery could care less about subpoena or contempt charges coming from anyone knowing that the DOJ isn't going to do shit about it.
I bet she's already got her signed Get Out of Jail Free pardon. Probably just needs to put a date on it...