Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Why don't you respect teachers? All they want to do is

get your kids to snitch on you!"
A middle school in Marinette,  got a group of 5th-8th graders together and organized a really fun game that asked students to step forward to answer “yes” to a series of highly personal questions.
Questions like…
Do your parents drink?
Do you cut yourself?
Has anyone in your family been to jail?
Have you ever wanted to commit suicide?
Do you or your parents do drugs?
Unbelievably, school administrators believed that this “game” would help the kids to be better and kinder friends.  “The intent of this activity was to build stronger, more respectful relationships among students,” said Principal Shawn Limberg.  The “game” was part of an anti-bullying program.
In a pigs ass it was.  Especially when you hear this:
Several parents voiced their concerns and had them brushed off. Amanda Fifarek, mother of a 7th grade student, told FOX 11, “They basically told us that all the students were lying…all the students got together and planned it out and if they weren’t lying, it was all misperceptions. They didn’t specifically say do your parents do drugs.”
Yeah, the schools ALWAYS accuse the kids of lying about 'anti-bullying programs'.

Sounds about right; the socialists really mean "We must get the big money out of politics!  Except for ours!"
So who occupies the 58 spots ahead of the Evil Koch Bros? Six of the top 10 are ... wait for it ... unions. They gave more than $278 million, with most of it going to Democrats.

Yeah, if the media spent as much time on the teachers and Hollywood weenies molesting kids, it might take away from the 'evil priests and Boy Scout leaders' push.

Why is this November’s election not a sure thing for the GOP? Because it’s entirely unclear that, given majority power again, the GOP would be any less wretched than Reid, Pelosi and crew.
And we have Boehner and McConnell & Co. to thank for that.

Another background-check bill killed, this one in New Hampshire.

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