Saturday, February 15, 2014

Haven't written much about actually shooting lately

due to a combination of things, primarily two:
The weather's sucked.
Aftermath of illness.  Specifically, after getting rid of the sinus infection that followed the cold/flu that followed whateverthehellitwas, if I went out in the cold air for more than a couple of minutes I started coughing like I was trying to expel a lung.  It hurt.  So inside I stayed.

Have managed a couple of trips to the indoor range the last two weeks, though not for long(even indoors, with the ventilation it's chilly).  However, I am working on a project with a guy that I'll put a post together on when possible.  May be a while yet.  It involves practice ammo and plated bullets.

I've also been putting a piece on metalworking together for Erin for the Blue Collar Prepping blog.  Needs pictures, and the tools I need to shoot are in the shed.  Did I mention it's been cold and the cough?  However, it's warmed up a lot here, so will try to get at least some of them done tomorrow.

And yes, I'm still having trouble with the shoulder I landed on during the reacquaintance with gravity.  As in seeing a physical therapist for it.  It's helping, but it's going to take a while to finally heal up.  And dammit, there's stuff I need to DO...

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